What is Online Radio / Online TV?

The words "Online Radio" / "Online TV" means transmission direct Radio / TV channels on your computer screens via the internet. FREE ONLINE RADIO is one of the websites where you can watch TV online or listen to radio for free. Radio/TV channels are sorted by country and their kind, so that you can find them more easily.

Here you can watch for free various Live Radio / TV channels. is a free Radio / TV online site where you can WATCH Radio / TV LIVE from all over the world!


To watch online TV or listen online Radio on this site you must have installed some programs.

If you have any problems listening to online radio, the necessary plugins may not install in your computer to listen to online radio. Please install the plugin that we have provided below:-

Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Player

RealPlayer RealPlayer

inAmp WinAmp

Windows Media Player Windows Media Player

Octoshape Plugin Octoshape Plugin

Window Media Player Firefox Plugin Window Media Player Firefox Plugin

The bandwidth necessary for watch online TV or listen to online Radio is of at least 128 kbps. For a better playback you must have a bigger internet connection.


1. FREE ONLINE RADIO is a free site for all. Online Radio / TV channels are free running streams, made available to users via the internet.

2. FREE ONLINE RADIO are not paid so not violate the copyright of the TV channels that broadcast online.

3. FREE ONLINE RADIO does not have any files on its server.

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